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The modern houses

The modern houses

Modern construction is mainly characterized by simplicity, minimalism and the openness of the green nature all around, which can be obtained through the glass walls. Now they are very fashionable, especially in the lounge, which goes directly to the garden or on the terrace. Thanks to them the inside area is bright, well-lit and visually bigger, and more spacious.

Elevations are subdued, white, gray is a dominating tones, but often are enriched with elements of metal and natural (wood, stone). This house looks very modern. Of course, everything connected with the use of appropriate materials, so that the heat does not escape from the house. Thermal insulation remains high level. Therefore, modern building is also energy-efficient construction.


The project of a modern house reminds the shape of a simple shape. The facade was made of black, strong plates. It is used a large amount of glazing to the interior shining a lot of light. Lamps arranged outside point-wise light the whole house.

There are no shortage additives wooden and stone, especially inside. Whole is maintained in a minimalist, but looks very modern. The interior is bright and spacious.


Another project is done in a similar vein; however, it is a two-story house. Elevation in this case is made of bronze plates. An interesting addition is a bronze window frame, which look very modern. The house has a very large usable surface. This is a project on a large plot of land. It uses a course characteristic of modern building with large windows. In addition, residents can use the underground garage.

The next house is a combination of modern accent with old buildings made of stone. Whole looks sensational. The house is storey, rectangular block, but in this case it has a traditional roof. Subdued colors are used in terms of elevation. An interesting idea is the location of the fireplace in the middle of the glass passage, which is the center of the building. This project makes it ideal for two families.