Different types of locks


Currently, the most popular way to protect the building is to use high quality lock. Very common are mechanical locks, which are not only cheap but also very easy to repair and easy to use. Of course, even such locks are sometimes damaged in the most unexpected moment.



Main features of mechanical lock


Adam, locksmith: ‘Mechanical lock is my favorite, mainly because of its functionality. I have worked in this profession over fifteen years and during this period of time there was not a situation when such lock could not be repaired. Most of the parts needed to such repair are readily available. Mechanism of such lock is indeed so simple that really there are no difficulty of its maintenance and repair. I would recommend users to select mechanical locks with increased resistance to abrasion, primarily those which are made of special steel, as well as those that are covered with anti-corrosion coating.’



Electronic lock


Electronic lock is a lot technically advanced than the mechanical lock. The fact that the product has a detection electronics make it must be powered. It can be connected to an external power source or use special rechargeable batteries. The lock can be opened by both the key which remotely using a computer. Similar patents are used especially in hotels or office buildings where user safety is very important. This type of lock is an alternative to conventional door locks.