Did you loose the keys? What can you do?

Losing a key to the front door very often caused panic but you should be aware that it is no necessary to panic and making hasty decisions.

A spare set of keys

If you lost the keys you should primarily ask yourself if you do not have a spare set of keys somewhere. Maybe you have got such spare keys in your work but maybe someone from your family has such keys. If you will find a spare set of keys the situation is not so hard- you can just make copy of them. This situation has the advantage that you can also easily get into the house.

But what if you do not have a spare set of keys? You have mainly two options:

a. The first one is definitely to exchange a door lock.

b. The second option is to replace not only the door lock but the whole door to the house.

The threat of burglary

Lost keys is also a threat o burglary. Anybody could find them and has easy access to our house which means that it is not a safety place anymore. If you want to avoid potential guests, no matter if you have a spare set of keys or not, to replace all the locks. This can be done thanks to the help of locksmith, who can be found after clicking on the link – emergency locksmith. Locksmith is a specialist who can advise us also in the choice of new safety locks.

How to avoid losing the keys?

– The best way to avoid replacing locks and all this stress associated with it is to always watch where our keys are.

– If you have a tendency to dropping objects you can clipped keys to a belt or hide in the wallet.

– With the help also comes modern technologies. They offer the possibility of attaching the appropriate key using the application installed on the phone. Such application also will allow us to locate the keys, regardless of where they are.

Keys locator

Key Locator uses GPS so we can get a stable signal even from a distance. The device mounted at the keys can generate sound and can vibrate, which will make it much easier to find. GPS locator with the keys works well in case of theft. You can not only determine who is the perpetrator but also easily track him and report it to the police.