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From the formalities to own four angles


From the idea about the construction of house and to bring its equipment is a very long way. At the beginning it must be ensured with a number of formalities. At first issue is a plot. If you don’t have it you have to select it and check if it is formally dedicated to the construction of the house. If not, you should try to get its transformation.

The next step is the choice of home design. You should know exactly the dimensions of the plot, to be able to customize the project. Nowadays, there are many projects houses – on a narrow plot of land, with an attic and a garage. Visit the project home with a prepared cost estimate to have everything immediately written out.

The next step is to gather all the documentation and development plan. You must submit an application to join the media. Currently, the rule has changed on obtaining a building permit, and therefore should be reported to start work and have to mark construction area.

Importantly, select the construction team and construction manager, who will ensure that future work will be carried out according to schedule and specific deadlines. The team should build a house which you can receive in a raw state. Only then you can access the finishing of house inside: faucets, finishing on the walls and connect electricity, gas, water – is essential. It then proceeds to paint the walls and floors.

The last stage is the decoration. Because only after inserted all the furniture, appliances, you can enjoy your new accommodation.