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Arrangement the living room

Living-room is a place where family members spend a lot of time. It’s also a place to receive guests, so you should obtain a comfortable stay and a table. It is now the fashion for minimalism, so you give up a large amount of furniture in the living room. It limited to the shelf under the TV and one or two shelves.

If we have a large living room should divide it in half. One half is a place to relax, and the other for receiving guests. As for the first part of it on the wall to place your TV, parallel couch. In the middle set a coffee table. On the sides you can add seats, but better represent the corners. On the other side wall of the fireplace can be placed.

In the second part of the room, a corner, you might want to put the table. This is a good option if you want to eat while watching a television program. Large table also gives the option of eating meals together, if we do not have a large kitchen or a separate dining room.