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Arrangement kitchen

Kitchen should be furnished to navigate after it is convenient. There are some guidelines as to where to put what. The refrigerator should be installed away from the oven. It is better to also resign from the glass elements in its vicinity, even for aesthetic reasons. Glass would still dirty or damp – so it is not a good solution. Best buy dark tiles and put them against the wall, especially the area between the furniture on the top and bottom.

Fashionable in recent times are wooden tops. They fit both the dark and bright furniture. If you have light-colored furniture in high gloss will be well with them compose the floor with black tile.

It is best to decorate the kitchen in the shape of the letter “L”, ie furniture and appliances available to take two walls.


Najlepiej jest urządzić kuchnię w kształcie litery „L”, czyli meblami i sprzętami zająć dwie dostępne ściany.