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Arrangement bedroom

Bedroom is a very important place to relax; the place when we relax and sleep, of course. It is therefore important that the bed was big and comfortable. The most common is situated in the middle, as the focal point. This is also comfortable and functional, because the space around can be decorate. On one side, it is worth asking wardrobe sliding across the table with a mirror to be able to do makeup.

A good idea is also to place a large mirror on the ground to be able to see in its entirety. Mirrors can also be used as a decoration. If we have a small bedroom above the bed you should hang a mirror, which attached to the ceiling would fall slightly. These visually expand the room. If you like to fall asleep in front of the TV, it is opposite the bed to put a chest of drawers, and on the TV.

If you choose a dark wall is good to frame beds and furniture will white. If you prefer bright walls, a bed and furniture can be made of wood.