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Od formalności do własnego domu

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Nowoczesne technologie budowlane

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Współczesna architektura

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Decoration for many people is pleasure. You can reach for inspiration on the network or newspaper industry. Availability of many types of furniture, seating area allows you to create interesting arrangements that delight the eye and at the same time make people live comfortably. What is fashionable? Recently, it is dominated by bright interior with the addition of gray and wood. However, it is worth to do something in our own way.

Arrangement kitchen

Kitchen should be furnished to navigate after it is convenient. There are some guidelines as to where to put what. The refrigerator should be installed away from the oven. It […]

Arrangement the living room

Living-room is a place where family members spend a lot of time. It’s also a place to receive guests, so you should obtain a comfortable stay and a table. It […]

Arrangement bedroom

Bedroom is a very important place to relax; the place when we relax and sleep, of course. It is therefore important that the bed was big and comfortable. The most […]

Arrangement bathrooms

The bathroom is good to have, and bath and shower, but not all, because of the small yardage can afford it. What is a good solution? Shower with bathtub. This […]


We are a building portal. We approach with passion and commitment to all topics related to this industry. We are interested the latest trends, modern building twenty-first century. We regularly follow all news; check whether if actually fashionable is functional and suited to current realities.

The construction industry is constantly expanding. You can easily notice the changes over the decades. The theory, which we learn from books, is not always to the current building, so you should educate yourself in this regard. It is worth going to the fair building, and auctions. Certainly work, in this industry, develops, and if someone is passionate about it, as we do, it is definitely worth it.

We are very practical, why the portal was created for all those people who need to make many decisions related to the construction of the house and looking for answers to questions. Today, the fashion for energy efficient homes dominates that is why many issues in this topic we are going to bring here. We will focus also on the windows, doors, and interior decorating. There is better to live in a well-arranged interior. It is good that it would be also functional. Therefore, follow our entries regularly, to keep everything important not missed your attention.